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Soups for Winter in Berlin

Soups for Winter in Berlin

There is a saying that goes; there are only two seasons in Berlin, summer, and winter. The winters in Berlin can be brutally cold and last up to six months. Needless to say, those who live in Berlin need ways to survive and cope in these harsh conditions. One way is to keep warm and what better way to do that than through the old tasty standby of soup. But we aren’t talking just average chicken soap in Berlin soaps can be an art form all their own. Here are five of the well-known types of soups that depend on in Berlin to help take away the cold of winter.

Berlin Kartoffelsuppe

This hearty soap could be classified a potato soup. But unlike the average potato soup that most of us are acquainted with this one is a bit heartier. Along with the potatoes, there are also onion, carrots, celery, and bacon. These are all combined along with herbs and spices to create a tasty version of potato soup that is popular during winter in Berlin and is a recipe that takes potato soup to the next level.

Ramen Noodle Soup

Yes, this is the same Ramen noodles that we can buy in the grocery stores for a very economical price; turns out in Berlin many of their soups are made using this type of noodle. Anyway, this particular soup is another favorite, and it has mostly to do with the amazing flavorful broth that is used to create the soup which is a specialty of the house at the Cocolo Ramen, Kreuzberg & Mitte. Another great feature of the soap is a number of garnishments placed on top the soup. Another version of Ramen Noodle soup is served at a rival establishment known as Takumi Nine, Prenzlauer Berg, who have their own spin on the Japanese pasta. Two different spins on a very economical yet hearty type of noodle.

Lentil Soup

Again, not exactly the way we may envision lentil soups but certainly one’s worth sampling. There is the delicious golden lentil soup served to customers at the G√∂zleme Restaurant, which is hailed for having an amazing flavor. This is just one type of lentil soup found in Berlin, and like the Ramen noodle, the lentil has had many variations done on the theme.

Topinambour & Roasted Garlic Soup

Another soup that at first glance may not look like much but is actually quite hearty and filling. This recipe can be found online and has appeared in a German cook book. Basically, the soup consists of garlic and Topinambour of course, but there are also several other ingredients as well. These include onions, olive oil, potatoes, butter, olive oil and vegetable oil. The soap can be garnished in various ways such as using deep fried sweet potato slice but feel free to be creative.