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Remnants of World War II in Berlin

Remnants of World War II in Berlin

If you have a learned a wide variety of topics in history, you have learned about Germany’s involvement in World War II. Many of the events of the First World War affect would lead its successor World War II. Germany was put between a rock and a hard place because of the lives that they lost in the previous war. They also had a large problem when it came to their economy. The inflation problem was so bad, and the currency was so worthless that there were people who would rather burn it than spend it.

The Allied Museum in Berlin

The first one that you should consider is going to the Allied Museum in Berlin. Here, you get to see a lot of the technology that was used during the war. One place of interest is the planes because they are so different from the planes of today. The cars that people would drive at camps are also present so you can see them. It allows the average viewer to see the difference of that car and the cars of today. It’s recommended if you want to see what was really advanced back them compared to now.

Reichstag is also an important place for fellow historians. If you’re a person who likes to see the difference in archaeology than this will be a place of interest for you. This place is another interesting building to tourists because the design is so different than what they are used to. It was originally built in the late 19th century. However it was burned in 1933, due to an unknown cause. Russians would later take later take over the building in the battle of Berlin. They did it because they were aware of how popular it was in Berlin.

Bunkers and Bridges

The Führer bunker is a place that any World War II historian should visit. Not everyone was equal in the Nazi party. Some people were high ranking officials and they would live here. Hitler himself would occasionally sleep here when he wasn’t traveling to other countries in Europe. The average soldier today might scoff at what the Nazi soldiers had to go through. Soldiers today will have better training, better nutrition and nourishment as well as better beds. Though, seeing a bunker for you may justify the feelings of what some people had to go through during that time period.

There are a ton of other places that you can go to if you want to learn more about the history of Berlin. Something like the Moltke Bridge was an important asset during the battle of Berlin in 1945. Though you may walk on this pace and not even realize the significance that it has to other people. Another place is the “Haus der Wannsee Konferenz”. Not only does this place look impressive by itself, but a number of important events happened here. Even if you don’t care about history or politics, you should check it out just for the architecture.