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My Summer in Berlin: Lake, Ice Cream, and Parks

My Summer in Berlin: Lake, Ice Cream, and Parks

For those of us traveling to Berlin, no doubt the best time of year to do so is summer. Berlin has much to offer to individuals who want to take in culture for families wanting to experience fun, sun and even culture. Couples looking for a romantic getaway for say a honeymoon. I would like to share of the spots that I have found that will make this not only a place for fun in the sun but to also drink in the beautify of Berlin at its finest.

Ice Cream Shops

Ice cream is a great summer time treating we all enjoy to help us beat the heat. Turns out, that the Germans love this creamy treat, so there are many amazing ice cream shops to head into while taking a summer trip to Berlin. There is the Berlin Homemade Ice Cream which lives up to its name; this ice cream is made by the owner, who prides himself on using only the best ingredients no preservatives. Then there is the Anna Durkes another fabulous ice cream shop that creates such wonders as unique licorice flavor ice cream. These are just two of the great ice cream shops found in Berlin.

Places by the Water

There are several places in Berlin that feature the water is breath taking the beauty of nature itself and can provide fun in the sun for everyone. There is the Weißer See which is located in Pankow. Some notable trait about this beautiful lake is the lake side cafe known as Milchhäuschen. There is also lake side fun such as sailing and rowing. For those who want to go to the beach, the Weißensee Beach is nearby to have even more fun in the sun. Those who want to see an amazing waterfall, there is the Viktoriapark Waterfall, which may not be as famous the world over as say Niagara Falls, but when it comes to Berlin these are their most famous falls and a place to visit. These are just a few of the amazing water spots to find in Berlin, there are several lakes and bays to visit to visit.

Historical Spots

For me when being a tourist in a country such a Berlin it’s important to take in the culture and the history of the place. There are several spots in Berlin that are worthy of visiting at this time of year. There is the Charlottenburg Palace constructed back in the 1600s this is a historical and beautiful spot to see. Not only does the palace itself have the amazing architecture but there are some beautiful gardens surrounding the palace itself, just walking through the vast grounds is worth the visit itself. Another place with historical significance and beautiful landscaping is “The Green Prince and the Empress. There is also Lustgarten, Museum Island a park that looks out onto the historical old museum and the Berlin Cathedral, both of which are great places to tour, but just sitting in the Lustgarten amidst these historical places is worth the trip.

These are some great things to do in Berlin in the summer. But in this blog, we are only skimming the surface. There is so much to see and do in Berlin during this golden time of year.