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It’s Raining in Berlin

It’s Raining in Berlin

Many people living on the East Coast of the United States and other people in Western Europe will go through similar weather struggles. This means that if you’re an American, living in a state like Virginia or New York, you may relate to the information that you’re about to read. Most types of weather aren’t bad and often have positive effects on the environment. We need precipitation because most on the organisms living on Earth are mostly made out of water. But sometimes there are extreme cases that can make things worse for the average citizen.

When it’s Heavily Raining

If it’s a day where it’s rainy but there is a lot of humidity in the environment that can be a bad weather day. Rain jackets generally use a nylon material that store up heat in the body. This is a bad thing because if you’re going to a meeting or just going to work, you can often spell very sweaty even if you’ve showered and used deodorant. Thankfully, these types of weather days often come in phases and it’s rare to encounter them consecutively, from month to month. Even then, there are ways to manage these problems indoors.

The more common kind of day is the heavily rainy, cold weather day. Everyone on these days must be very careful. If they’re not the chance of them getting a cold significantly increases and they have to spend time recovering. There are also times when it may hail. It’s uncommon that people get bruised or injured from the hail, but it can still be painful if it lands on a part of your body like the nose for example. It can also fall on your windshield and may cause cracking on it. Though, new car companies make more durable windshields for this very reason.

Just Take an Umbrella and Make Breaks

Despite all over the detriments that this type of weather can cause you, that can create some interesting things to do that day. Maybe you go to a bar or a restaurant and you enjoy a dish so much, that you want to make it at home. Maybe you see someone leave the bar, and you walk them out with an umbrella. Or, you take the time to go some of the vast and impressive museums that you may finds in Berlin. Maybe this is the day you decide to go to the Bode Museum or Altes Museum that has been on your bucket list for a while.

You can also decide to work that day. Going to work on a bad weather day, can show your boss that you are hardworking and determined. Each work day, in of itself is an experience, you never know what’s going to happen and the positives of you showing up that day. However, sometimes you can have very negative aliments that prevent you from going to work against everyone’s recommendations. In this case, you could call your manager and ask them what tasks you could do from home, if any are available.