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Great neighborhood markets in Berlin

Great neighborhood markets in Berlin

Remember the neighborhood fruit and vegetable stand, or when there were several flea markets to find great bargains. Well in Berlin these are still very prominent parts of the overall culture of the area. Some of these markets provide the groceries that we want to buy such as food items, and some are great flea markets where we can find great bargains on amazing products. While in Berlin here are some key neighborhood markets to visit.

Winterfeldt Framer’s market

Located in Schöneberg, this is the kind of market place that happens twice every week in Berlin. The days of the week, that this sort of food and specialty items is available is Wednesdays and Saturdays. Perhaps the best day of the two in which to attend is Saturday since far more vendors show up on this day to sell their items. At Winterfeldt market, individuals can find standard food items but there are also things such as chickweed. Also, finding good quality seasonal produce isn’t always easy in Berlin, but this market has gained a reputation for providing some of the best products available.


This one actually takes place in doors and actually has become one of the biggest market places in Berlin. This is a place where individuals can find all sorts of items, stuff such as furniture, art work, and toys can be found. Also, there may be set prices on merchandise but individuals can feel free to try to negotiate the price down in if they want to get an even greater bargain. This indoor flea market is located at Treptow and takes place on weekends between the hours of 10 am to 6 pm.


This isn’t the average farmers market or flea market. This event takes place every Saturday and showcases vendors selling handicrafts and food from all over the world. However, there is also the added attraction of live entertainment from singers to dancers. Plus anyone can get in on the act and take part in their well-known karaoke.

Other Flea Markets

These are just a few of the fabulous farmers and flea markets that take place in Berlin. Is it any wonder that Berlin is considered by many to be the capital of flea markets and neighborhood markets that in other areas of the world are now a dying art or only happen occasionally? For Berlin, these types of markets are a way of life and many look forward to attending these on a weekly basis be it citizens or tourist.