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Great Bookstores in Berlin

Great Bookstores in Berlin

Remember the days of the neighborhood bookstore. The place where we could find rare and brand new books. Those days seem to be gone thanks to technology. But in Berlin, the bookstore is still quite common to find. There are many places in which a person can go to find books from fiction to non-fiction and for all genres. Yes, odds are while attending one of the many flea markets that take place on any given weekend we can find all sorts of books at great prices. But for those wanting to visit an actual bookstore and Berlin and want to know which ones are the best, here are five worth checking out.

Hammlett Krimibuchhandlung

For those who love a good crime mystery, this little book store is the place to go. Located in Friesenstrasse this bookstore is devoted to this genre. At Hammlett Krimibuchhandlung crime mysteries can be found in German and English languages. These books are brand new or used. Those who love a good mystery would love this bookstore.

Einar & Bert Theaterbuchhandlung

Fascinated by the theater this could be a bookstore to visit in Berlin. This bookstore is all about theater literature. This includes children’s theater, operas, and stage dramas. Those who are fascinated by the stage will love this shop and could also get a good cup of coffee during their visit.

Bücherbogen Savignyplatz

For those who are more interested in finding out about the medium of film, this bookstore has a wide range of books on the subject of the film. There are also books about architecture and photography.


Looking for a great little book store and maybe a place to have breakfast? Well, stop inside the Buchkantine. This is a little neighborhood cafe is also a great little bookstore. Here individuals can browse through the shelves for books to read while having a cup of coffee, and crescent just to name a few items on their menu.

Pro QM

For those looking for a wide range of non-fiction books, this is the place to go in Berlin. Since the shop first opened its doors in 1999 it has been a place to find not only books but magazines on subjects such as architecture, politics, photography and so much more.

Those are five good bookstores to visit while in Berlin. But even with this list guess what we haven’t even begun to skim the surface of even the best ones. There are numerous bookstores devoted to the literature of all kinds. There are also used bookstores where individuals can scan vast shelves of recently owned books. So, apparently in Berlin the hard bound is still has a place and holds much value despite technology.