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Bunkers in Berlin

Bunkers in Berlin

Art is always a subjective topic for many. Despite the fact that there is a definition for it in the Merriam Webster dictionary, the definition of art can vary from person to person. Though, many like to go to art exhibits and museums. Often the pieces are just nice to look at. Some people like the history of the pieces and the impact that it had on creative culture. Though today art exhibits are a problem. This is especially a problem when tickets are sold online and people are using bots to buy them quickly.

The Famous “Banana Bunker”

The Boros Bunker has become a place of discussion for many Germans in Berlin. Not only is this place significant to people, but the art in there is worth a lot culturally and financially. Though, some of the people going there just want an experience of what life was like back then. That experience helps to create empathy to understand what people had to go through back then. That is an experience worth having because a TV show or a book can’t give you that. That alone can be worth headache for some.

Though to some, the history is more interesting than anything else. One thing you should know is that the bunker is incredibly durable. It took half a year to cut part of the off because the workers had to be very patient in cutting the materials. That can connect a lot with the history of the building. During wars, this place would protect close to 2,000 soldiers. That protection is worth any investment that the owners put into building it. In the battle of Berlin, this was a detention center for Russian soldiers. For the amount of fruit that people would eat, it got the nickname, “Banana bunker”.

Lost Places Have Their Own Magic

Though, years later most of the younger generation seemed to either forget about the significance or don’t care. In the 1990s, this place was used to host raves and parties. It was often a crazy place for the common German to go to. Candles were used to test if there was oxygen in the building. Though, financially it was a very smart decision. Local Germans had likely heard of the building from their history class or from listening to their grandparents. Maybe people would be more inclined to go at a party in a place that was culturally significant.

It’s interesting for everyone to see how this place has changed over the years. The history might lead to outsiders thinking that the place isn’t being taken seriously. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Though, one must acknowledge certain things can sound a bit silly. You have learned that when the bunker held Russian soldiers, it was called the “Banana Bunker”. People have learned the history of the raves. Raves in any country are generally not the safest places to be in. Not people want to get in the bunker to really appreciate it.