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Best Books Set in Berlin

Best Books Set in Berlin

For some the storytelling of books has always been a really good way to have a narrative. Comics, manga and other graphic novels also work well because they have images that entertain the viewer. They can create a different level of anticipation that a video game or a movie can’t do. There the anticipation is set and you can’t change it, which can make it feel manufactured. Here you can set your own anticipation and enjoy the moment the way it was meant to be created.

Alone in Berlin by Hans Fallada

Today there are some great fictional books inspired by German culture. A classic is Alone in Berlin by Hans Fallada, released in 1947. The story is about a postwoman climbing up the stairs of Jablonski Stra├če. It tires her to a great extent, but she is prideful in her status as a postwoman and knows the significance that the letter could bring. It’s a very relatable story even today. Even if we ourselves don’t have that much power, the ability to influence power shouldn’t be taken lightly. Today this book is available at almost every book retailer.

Book of Clouds by Chloe Aridjis

Book of Clouds by Chloe Aridjis, tells a great story from the perspective of an outsider. It’s about how a young woman realizes that thousands of concrete slabs represent a memorial for the holocaust. Not only does this book highlight the effect of those concrete slabs, but it has an expertly told story with a great protagonist. It highlights the realism of history and how some groups can become ashamed. So ashamed that they look like completely different people once you discover their past. It’s definitely a great book if you don’t know much about German history and want a good story to read.

Goodbye to Berlin by Christopher Isherwood

Goodbye to Berlin by Christopher Isherwood released in 1939 is also a classic that people should read. The book is a fictional Berlin, showing Hitler’s rise to power and the disapproval that followed. The book is very relevant and relatable stories to Americans. Not because of their current political leaders, but because of the way the way that the people react to their nominations. For many generations it will likely be relevant because history tends to repeat itself. If you feel like these types of stories are relevant to your community, then this can serve as a warning to you.

The books that are offered are not retelling events. They are, in fact, showing the emotional effects that they may or may not have on a community. These books are stories that people that experienced because they have influenced a ton of stories in the future. They let people know the impacts that they may or may not on communities associated with a country. They can also show prevention processes for communities and politicians so that they don’t happen again. If you are just a fan of good story telling, you should take a look at book like this.