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Berlin’s Urban Culture

Berlin’s Urban Culture

When it comes to urban culture, Berlin seems to be in a category all its own. The country ensures that its urban culture reflects those who make it home, continues to move forward while continuing to pay homage to the past. While in Berlin there is a vast presence of the urban culture can be experienced throughout the capital city of Germany.

Food and Beverages

One way that the urban culture is defined in Berlin is through its food. There are many amazing restaurants that reflect new culinary ideas with the old world traditions of the area. Basically taking time honored recipes into modern day life. There is also a commitment to using fresh food items that are locally grown in Germany. Then there are the drinks, Germany is known for its beer with good reason. The country has maintained the time honored tradition of carefully each batch of beer, a processed that has continued since the Middle Ages and is definitely a part of Berlin’s urban culture. There are also places such as wine bars and nightclubs such as the Berghain club which has become well-known throughout the world.

Historical Architecture

Then there are the historic buildings in Berlin some of which have been renovated and reincarnated such as the aforementioned Berghain club which at one time was a power plant. This just one example of the many historic buildings and even places that were made into something else to maintain the history of the area while moving ahead with progress.

Street Artist

In fact, it’s hard to actually be in Berlin and not see the urban culture. Just walking the streets of the historic city individuals will see different types of art work all over the city painted and displayed on walls of buildings by graphic artists. This isn’t the average run of the mill graffiti but amazing murals that are done with pain staking details. There are so many various types a graffiti art that has been done that it’s hard to see it all. The street artists are constantly adding new pieces of work, that the landscape is always changing more murals are created.

These are just a few examples of how Berlin continues to take pride it in urban culture. There is no denying when someone visits Berlin they can instantly grasp the urban culture surrounding the city. Needless to say for those tourist wanting to visit Berlin to sin in the culture it isn’t too hard to do, the urban culture can be found all over the city in general.