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Berlin’s Most Beautiful Buildings

Berlin’s Most Beautiful Buildings

Berlin has one of the lovely architectural iconic designs in Europe. What I amazingly found out is that some of these structures date back from late 18th century as well as early 19th century. While many of its buildings were destroyed during the world war, some did survive. Also, in my search, I did find many latest architectonic masterpieces. These buildings houses schools, churches, offices, and community center among others. The following are some the Berlin’s most beautiful buildings I sampled.

Berlin Cathedral

The most significant church in Berlin, Berlin Cathedral serves as the center of the Germans Protestant church. Built-in 1905 and being ‘Kaiserzeit’ architectural design, Berlin Cathedral was constructed with the order of Emperor William II. It is located in Lustgarten, Museum Island. Designed by Julius Raschdorff, the iconic structure is heavily decorated with opulent Baroque. What I found fascinating is that the building survived a firebomb during the Second World War. After a whole decade of reconstruction, the cathedral reopened in 1993.
Everything about the church looks and smells classical. From the interior that is full of opulent gilded ornaments and marble columns. It has an impressive pipe organ with 7,000 pipes. Also, its central altar is built of yellow onyx and white marble. Its pulpit was hand carved and designed in oak.

Television Tower

Referred to as Fernsehturm Berlin, Television Tower was constructed by the government in 1969. As the tallest structure tower in Germany, Television tower amazingly stands 368 meters. The tower is visible 42 kilometers away on a bright day. The interesting thing I find about the tower is that it hosts the rotating Telecafé restaurant located above the visitors’ platform.
Also, it is equipped with two visitors’ lifts. This Germans prominent structure consist an observation deck that is 204 meters above the ground.

Brandenburg Gate

The gate was built in the 18th century by order of Prussian King. Brandenburg Gate has become the landmark and symbol of Germany peace. Its design is based on the Propylaea and consists a dozen Doric columns. On top, it has a sculptured chariot drawn by four horses.

Bellevue Palace

Located on the Spree River banks in Tiergarten, Bellevue Palace became in 1994 the Germany’s President official residence. The palace was designed by Michael Baumann and constructed in 1786. The neoclassical architectural design and its beauty have withstood the test of time.
The building has become a residence for many famous leaders including Prince Augustus Ferdinand of Prussia, Frederick William II, President Richard Weizsäcker to President Roman Herzog.

Deutsche Oper Berlin

Owned by Opera Company, Deutsche Oper Berlin is located in Berlin district of Charlottenburg. The magnificent building houses one of the largest opera house as well as the Berlin State Ballet. It was opened to the public performance in 1911 and has witnessed thousands of opera performance.

DZ Bank building

DZ Bank building houses conference rooms, offices, and residential condominium. Designed by the architect Frank Gehry, the building represents the modern engineering in Berlin. The building was opened in 2000 and is the headquarter of Deutsche Zentral-Genossenschaftsbank. On opposite side are 39 residential apartments and an atrium or performance space between them.

Carl von Ossietzky Secondary School

Located in Pankow, the classical school was completed in 1910. Its buildings comprise a vast and elaborate neo-renaissance style. The design is more of a palace than a school. The multi-story building has been complemented by rich, quality interior features full of marble walls and buffing staircase. Designed by government architect, Carl Fenten and completed in 1910, Carl-by-Ossietzky gymnasium has been the iconic scene for many film shooting in Berlin.