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Berliners with Extraordinarily Progressive Lifestyles

Berliners with Extraordinarily Progressive Lifestyles

Today more than ever we are having advancements in technology. For some people this is a good thing because it can make some of the functions in a person’s lifestyle easier. This allows people to save time so that they can spend it doing other things. On the other hand it can make things very stressful for your life. All of the information you post can be tracked to yourself. Like it or not some people are going to use that information to show portray you. Though, this couple lives progressively in Germany and is very happy doing it.

Minimalistic Lifestyle

Sometimes a minimalist lifestyle can be the best depending on who is living there. These people tend to live in farms or rural areas, but that’s not always necessary. It’s just that those areas give people to make their own food and customize their living areas. They also get to domesticate animals that aren’t just dogs are cats. Though, many of these animals require much more attention, these people would rather do that than something that they think is a waste of time. Though, there are many people that will tell you their own experiences of living this way.

One of the interesting minimalists that you should take a look at is Milena Glimbovski. Not only does his shop look interesting but the products are a little bit different than what you may find at the grocery store. Having a bunch of items that are farmed naturally like beans or rice is really nice because it brings a more authentic experience. There are also a selection of care products like shampoo and conditioner. If you’re in Berlin, you have to check it out, if not for the products, than just to see the design of the building itself.

Property is Not Important

Simon Stark is a very unique individual that you should consider listening to. He sold almost everything that he owns in his living space. All he has left are his clothes along with the experiences that he holds dear. He constantly travels the world to learn more cultures that he hasn’t experience. He recently went to Japan to see a monastery and learn about the experiences of being a shaman. Even if he doesn’t have a flat screen TV or a huge pool in his backyard, what matters are the experiences that he has had.

Jenny Mustard is a person who looks every purchase that she makes in a very special way. It’s not even the price tag of an item that drives her away from a product. She thinks about every way that an item could affect her lifestyle and then carefully makes an educated decision on whether she wants to buy a product on it or not. It’s definitely worth reading a blog of hers or checking out her YouTube Channel if you’re interested. It will make you think more carefully about your purchases. You will question if they are really necessary or that you’ll just stop using them.