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Berlin in the Golden 20s

Berlin in the Golden 20s

The decade of the 1920s is perhaps considered by some to be a prosperous era of time throughout the world. For the United States this is the era known as the roaring twenties and in Germany including the Capital city of Berlin, this moment in time was known as the Golden Twenties or as others called it the happy twenties. The era began with the end of World War 1 and Germany along with the rest of the world was ready to move on. In Berlin, many experienced a financial boom with the Greater Berlin Act which helps to make Germany one of the largest municipalities in the world.

Cultural Growth

During this time there was plenty for cultural growth in the capital city of Berlin. IT seemed as if artists such as painters, writers, and even fashion designers flocked to Berlin to work and to even sell their creations. There was a revolution of music, dance and the even film was growing in interest.

Economic Growth

There was also growth in other ways that helped the economy with new jobs coming along in agriculture, and infra structure. There was also a renewed interest in scientific endeavors with money being placed in research. The University of Berlin became a well-known place the world over for research projects. In fact, it was in Berlin that famed scientist Albert Einstein rose to notoriety for his research.

Urban Development

Architecture and housing development also seem to be on the rise. More jobs were found due to the growth of construction giving those in need of work much-needed jobs. Despite some hardships that were sustained, for many who visited Berlin, this was a time of decadence.

Trouble Ahead

So, was all really great during this time? Well, nothing is ever perfect, there were still hard times in the Golden 20’s, but life seems good to some. However, there were signs of a storm building on the horizon. There were already uprisings in the streets due in part to the rising of the Nazi regime which started to form in 1926. At the time only a group that seems to cause some issues for those living in harmony in Berlin. But by the end of the 1920’s the American Stock Market would crash affecting countries worldwide. Berlin would soon find itself going from perhaps the best of times to what could be considered the worst of times. As the world entered the decade of the thirties the United States would go into the Great Depression while some in Germany would be plunged into a night mare as the Third Reich rose to power. A nightmare that would soon affect the rest of the world with the rising of World War II.