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Berlin – Good Places to Be Alone

Berlin – Good Places to Be Alone

While traveling in Berlin there will come those times when a person just wants to be alone, which is perfectly understandable all of us need that time to ourselves to regroup, collect our thoughts and the recharge our inner batteries so to speak. In Berlin, there are many key places where someone can be alone. There are tranquil coffee shops such as the Osio Coffee Bar, Myxa Cafe, and Coffee Profilers just to name a few. There are also quiet, friendly restaurants such as Tadshikische Teestube. These are great indoor spots and can be sanctuaries during the cold winter months. But if you’re like me odds are you find more tranquility in nature itself. There is something peaceful about the beauty of nature, and in Berlin, there are several spots that display this beauty and in the lovely summer months are ideal spot to go to for alone time, here are some amazing highlights of mother nature at its finest in Berlin.

Britzer Garten

This quiet beautiful park sits on hundreds of thousands of acres of land and located in Southwest Berlin. This quiet well-kept showcases a colorful picture of the various flower, green rolling hills, and tranquil lake area. There is a small entrance fee to obtain passage into the park, but it’s well worth it for the breath taking splendor that awaits visitors.

Naturpark Schöneberger Südgelände

This is another park that displays the beauty of Berlin and is also a great place to find alone time. What makes this park stand out though is the fact that it also displays historical elements of Berlin. On this spot use was an abandoned railroad station and in creating this park many of those elements were kept in the overall architecture. So, this is a great spot to not only unwind but to find out more about Berlin’s history as well. This is also a somewhat hidden spot because it seems as if many don’t seem to know about it, not even those who live in Berlin, so ideal spot to find alone time to yourself.


This is another picturesque quiet spot in Berlin. But like the Naturpark Schöneberger Südgelände, it didn’t start out that way. Only this beautiful garden was actually a wasteland at one point which back in 2009 a group of individuals chose to make a garden spot out of. Due to the fact that the garden lease in renewed annually each lovely plant found there is planted in various planters that can be moved to another spot.

These are just a few of the beautiful spots in nature to find that peace and tranquility that all of us crave in life. So, yes there are good places in Berlin to be alone. There is nothing wrong with alone time we all need it from time to time.