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Albert Einstein in Berlin

Albert Einstein in Berlin

Albert Einstein was a world-renowned physicist. His accomplishments are still revered but what many may not be aware of Professor Einstein was also a native born German. He was born in Germany in 1879 in Baden-Württemberg than known as the Kingdom of Wittenberg. A year after he was born the family moved to Munich and eventually settled in Italy.

Einstein Returning to Germany

In 1911 now becoming a renowned in his work Einstein who had been living in Prague at the time was persuaded by a group of German Physicist to continue his work in Berlin. Einstein would eventually move to the capital city in 1814 taking a prestigious position at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Physics. He would also become a member of the faculty at the Prussian Academy of Sciences and a lecturer at the University of Berlin.

Accomplishments in Berlin

In his many years in Berlin Einstein would make many of his notable discoveries and greatest works. This includes his long researched known as The Theory of Relativity. After years of working on this theory that seems to consume him, Einstein was able to come up with the formula that no one could dispute taking man kind in a different direction in the way we perceived ourselves and the universe around us. This achievement alone catapulted Einstein to notoriety the world over. He would do lecture tours that would have him traveling to various parts of the world. But he and his family now called Berlin home, which it remained for almost twenty years.

Einstein Leaving Berlin

As fate would have it, while Einstein and his family were away from Berlin traveling for one of his appearances in 1933, Adolf Hitler rose to power in Germany. The Third Reich was now in power, knowing the hatred that the Nazis had for Jews and being one himself, Einstein knew there was no way they could return to Berlin at that point. Eventually, his family would immigrate to the United States and he would take up residence in Princeton, New York. After World War II was over in 1945 Einstein never went back to Berlin. Some thought it had to do with his own guilt over the fact that he played a part in the creation of the nuclear bomb and the devastation of Hiroshima. Whatever the reason on his death bed in 1954 Einstein referred to the nuclear bomb as his biggest mistake in his accomplished life.

Einstein’s Memorial

As for where Albert Einstein is now laid to rest, he was cremated, and his ashes were scattered in a nondisclosed location. But for those who wish to pay homage to the great Physicist, Berlin has chosen to honor their native born son. In the place where the building Einstein use to live in which was destroyed during the War, is a plaque that commemorates the fact that Einstein had lived on that very street where he lived in Berlin all those years ago.